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ELEMEANTS refers to the fundamental substances that make up the physical world around us. These elements can include air, water, earth, and fire. They are considered natural because they occur naturally in the environment and are not man-made. These elements play a vital role in sustaining life on Earth and are interconnected in various ways. For example, air provides oxygen for living organisms, water is essential for hydration and supporting ecosystems, earth provides a foundation for plants and animals, and fire can both destroy and rejuvenate natural landscapes. Understanding and respecting these natural elements is important for maintaining a balanced and sustainable relationship with the environment. Each piece is inspired by the natural elements with the use of organic fabrics, textures, and silhouettes throughout the whole collection.

NEO’s Athleisure Wear combines athletic clothing with casual, everyday wear. It's all about comfortable clothing that can be worn for both working out and running errands or socializing. The key to innovate athleisure wear is to find pieces that are both functional for physical activity and stylish enough for everyday wear. With athleisure wear, you can stay comfortable and on-trend, whether you're hitting the gym or lifestyle. NEO-IFY