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About NEO

NEO is a combination of Neo-Contemporary designs that weave in traditional Indigenous designs to bring you wearable art from the past, present, and future. In collaborative efforts, we work with other Artists. Thus, creating androgynous pieces that both men and women can wear with comfort and style.
No End Of Designs was born when a young Native Artist; Palani Bearghost, followed her dreams. Her dreams to be able to weave stories from the past, present, and future from her Indigenous roots to worldly travels through her designs. Traveling and working with ancient native cultures from Bali, Indonesia to Turtle Island we share a story through art, fashion, music, and dance. 
NEO's Brand Ambassadors & Artists

Acosia Red Elk is an Enrolled Member of the Umatilla Reservation in Northeastern Oregon. Acosia is a 10 time World Champion Jingle Dancer and Powwow Dance Teacher among many other things. She began teaching Yoga 5 years ago which guided her to finding her voice as a Wellness Leader. Buti Yoga inspired Acosia to create “Powwow Yoga”. Acosia's message is, "Movement is Medicine."

Instagram: @acosia_

Randy L Barton, currently in Phoenix, Arizona, carries on tradition with his visionary live painting performances fused with his turntable poetry & experimental earth dancing. A multi-disciplined artist, designer, dancer, DJ, live performance painter & music producer who utilizes 15 years of experience as a DJ to entertain crowds of all genres.

Instagram: @randy_boogie

Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, born January 13, 1991, is an American painter and muralist. Primarily self taught her practice evolved through working with other artists and mentors and taking specialized courses, carving out a style that is both classical and cutting edge. Immersed in fringe cultures, fascinated by science and ancient mystics, an avid traveler, and of African-American and Jewish heritage, her subject matter never settles in one place.

Instagram: @rachelwolfepaints